Happy belated New Year to each and everyone of you! I thought I’d kick off another year of recipe inspiration with this very tasty adaptation of a Martin Boetz (of Longrain) recipe, using Anna from Plains Paddock’s delectable veal ribs. As veal is quite seasonal and may not be ready available you can substitute with lamb ribs if you prefer, just make sure you trim them of any excess fat.

This recipe does require a bit of time investment but it is seriously worth every bone sucking mouthful, I promise …

You'll Need

braising liquid

6 racks of veal ribs

4 cups coconut milk

4 cups good quality chicken stock (preferably homemade)

1 lemongrass stalk, sliced roughly

5 kaffir lime leaves, torn

1 x 4cm piece fresh ginger, peeled & sliced roughly

150ml fish sauce


green curry paste (makes 1.5 cups)

1 red onion, chopped

5 garlic cloves, chopped

1 x 4cm piece of ginger, chopped

2 lemongrass stalks, white part only

1 tsp sea salt

6 coriander roots, cleaned & scraped

6 long green chillies, seeded

2.5cm piece fresh turmeric

1 tbs shrimp paste, roasted

1 kaffir lime leaf, finely shredded

1.5 tbs coriander seeds

1 tbs cumin seeds

1 tsp white peppercorns

1 tbs sea salt


curry assembly

100ml coconut cream

3 tbs green curry paste

4 kaffir lime leaves

100 ml fish sauce

50g coconut sugar

2 cups braising liquid (reserved)

2 snake beans, cut into 2 cm lengths

2 long green chillies, seeded and sliced

1/2 cup thai basil leaves

braised veal ribs


Pre heat the oven to 180C. Arrange the ribs in a large roasting dish and set aside. On the stove, bring the coconut milk & chicken stock to the boil in a large heavy based pot. Add the lemongrass, lime leaves, ginger and fish sauce, then pour over the ribs. Cover with baking paper and foil and place in the oven for 1.5 hours.

In the meantime, make the curry paste. pound together the onion, garlic, ginger and lemongrass with half the salt in a mortar and pestle until you’ve got a paste. Place the paste into a food processor with the coriander roots, chillies, turmeric. shrimp paste and kaffir lime leaf. Blend until smooth.

Dry roast the coriander, cumin, peppercorns and sea in a small heavy based frypan over a medium heat for 10 -15 minutes until very fragrant. Pound in a mortar and pestle until you have a fine powder and pass through a metal sieve. Stir the spices into the paste and mix well. Reserve 3 tbs for the curry and freeze the rest for other use.

When the ribs are done remove them from the stock (don’t discard it) and drain in a colander. Strain the stock and reserve 2 cups for use in the curry.

Heat a heavy based pan and add the coconut cream. Keep cooking and stirring until it splits before adding the curry paste. Set aside.

Heat a medium to high grill or bbq and place braised veal ribs on and slowly caramelise and cook through for approximately 8 minutes on each side. Set aside & continue with the curry.

Add the lime leaves to the curry and stir well. Add the fish sauce & coconut sugar and braising liquid and bring to the boil. Taste for seasoning, the curry should be hot, salty and slightly sweet. Season more if required. Add the extra chilli’s and snake beans. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook for 3 minutes or so. Remove from the heat. Pile the grilled ribs into serving bowls and spoon over the curry and garnish with Thai basil.



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