I think artichokes are delicious, but whenever I serve them to guests, most admit to not preparing them themselves because they are too time consuming to deal with or they just don’t know how.

They are super easy to prepare and with my step by step instructions you’ll be eating them all year round – not just in Spring.

You'll Need

2 kg baby globe artichokes (you should be able to find these at a market)

2 lemons, squeezed and chopped

1 large bowl of cool water


The baby artichokes are best for the purpose of prepping in bulk as you don’t have to remove the choke and they are much less fiddly.

Prepare a lemon water bath for the artichokes, as once you’ve peeled them they will start to oxidise.

Working quickly, peel the outer leaves from the artichoke until you are left with soft green leaves (see my picture reference).

Cut about 1 cm off the top off the artichoke and rub it with lemon. Clean up the base with a paring knife and dunk in the lemon bath.

Repeat the process until you’ve prepped all your artichokes.

Drain them and put them in a large saucepan and cover with water. Bring the artichokes to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes or until soft and a beautiful khaki green.

Drain them on paper towel and transfer them to a ziplock bag and freeze. You’ll have delicious artichokes on hand whenever you need them. I usually pull out a few from the ziplock bag to defrost, and panfry them in a little olive oil. Mixed with ricotta they make an amazing raviolo filling, they are also yummy tossed through a salad too.


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