This family favourite is always prepared when any family member is sick. It’s so comforting and full of goodness.

Chicken & Vegetable broth

Serves 6-8

1 whole organic chicken
4 chicken wings
2 carrots (peeled & halved)
2 sticks of celery (halved + leaves too)
1 leek (cut into quarters)
1 onion (cut into quarters)
1 tbs chicken stock powder ( I use an all natural vegetable based one)
Salt & Pepper
Chopped fresh parsley to serve

Wash chicken and cut off any excess fat. I then cut the chicken in half so it fits neatly into my stockpot and add the wings. Chop all vegetables and add to pot.

Fill the pot with water until it’s filled an inch above the ingredients and add stock powder.

Bring to the boil, skimming off any scum that rises to the surface and simmer gently for 2 hrs.

Strain the stock into bowl. Cool, then refrigerate & scoop the fat from the top. I reserve the carrot and celery, chop them to put them back into the soup (the veges will look a little anemic but they have the most amazing flavour. Of course, you can discard them and add fresh veges if you wish.

Discard the bones and skin from the chicken and shred the meat and add back to the soup. Reheat soup & scatter with fresh parsley, season and serve.

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