Most people have their own unique way of roasting chicken. I like to vary mine from time to time, because let’s face it, chicken is one versatile bird. It is important to use a free range chook,ย  La Ionica chickens are my first preference, as they are delicious and succulent and best of all, hormone and chemical free.

Roast chicken with oregano and lemon
Serves 4

You’ll need:

1 large free-range chicken
1 heaped tbs dried oregano
2 lemons, cut in half
Olive oil
Sea salt & pepper
6 desiree potatoes, peeled & cut into quarters if large or halves if small

  1. Pre-heat oven to 180C.
  2. Wash the chicken well, inside and out and pat dry with some paper towel.
  3. Give the chicken a good massage with the dried oregano and olive oil. Place the chook on a rack (if you have one) in a roasting dish. this allows the chicken juices to drizzle over the potato.
  4. Place 2 lemon halves in the cavity of the chicken and tie up the legs with some kitchen string.ย 
  5. Scatter the potatoes around the pan and squeeze the remaining lemon over the chicken and potatoes. Don’t discard the lemon, just add it to the pan, it will add more flavour to the dish as it roasts.
  6. Season the chicken and potatoes generously with salt and pepper and put in the oven. The cooking time will depend on your oven and the size of the chicken. The general rule of thumb is 30 minutes for every 500g. You can easily test when you’re chicken is ready by inserting a skewer into the thickest part of the leg. If the juices run clear your chicken is done.
  7. Take the chicken out of the oven from time and time and shift the potatoes around and baste the chicken. Try and do this at least twice during the cooking process and the chicken will get all golden and crisp.

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