My parents live in Gippsland on a small acreage, I grew up there and I always love returning home for some peace and quiet and to be spoilt with my mums delicious cooking. Mum is definitely responsible for nurturing my passion for food and cooking but dad is very much a foodie too. He has the most impressive organic vegetable garden which he labors over lovingly and the produce is testament to that. 
The latest basket of goodies contained zucchini’s, a big bag of spuds and pink shallots and the sweetest carrots. Ruby & Bo are very approving of country life. I’m not sure if it’s the guarantee of buttermilk pancakes for breakfast, the produce & egg gathering with Pa, or the ice-cream cone after dinner, I think maybe it’s the whole package. It won’t be long before Ruby asks her Pa for a pony.

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