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I’m a professional food stylist and currently prepping my own series of cookbooks and a cooking show. In my food catering business, Mishka La Mushka, I catered private and corporate functions and events big and small, designed food in hat boxes for the Spring Racing Carnival and created too many themed kids birthday parties to mention. But now I love food styling and sharing my fun food ideas with mums wanting to create restaurant-quality meals at home, for kids and family. So let’s get cooking!

I'm Mish Lilley, a kitchen cook, food stylist and chef prepping a series of cookbooks, a cooking show and this blog. This blog is dedicated to my love of good food styling and good food. It's a cooking site and recipe website designed to help mums and dads create restaurant-quality meals at home for their kids and family. My wide range of recipes cover:

Vegetables: Artichoke Asparagus Beans Beets Broccoli Cabbage Carrot Chili Corn Cucumber Eggplant Garlic Olives Onions Peas Peppers Potatoes Pumpkin Spinach Squash Sweet Potatoes and Yams Tomatoes Turnip Zucchini

Fruits: Blackberries Blueberries Apple Apricot Banana Berries Cantaloupe Cherry Coconut Cranberries Fig Kiwi Lemon Orange Peach Pear Pineapple Raisins Raspberries Strawberries Watermelon

Meat: Bacon Beef Breasts Brisket Caribou Chicken Corned Beef Duck Game Hens Ham Kangaroo Lamb and Mutton Pigeons Pork Poultry Rabbit Ribs Spam Turkey Veal Venison Wings Livers

Seafood: Bass Catfish Clams Crab Lobster Mussels Oysters Prawns Salmon Scallops Shellfish Shrimp Snapper Sole Squid Swordfish Trout Tuna

Pasta, Rice, Breads and Grains: Barley Bran Buckwheat Cereals Cornflakes Cornmeal Grains Lasagna Noodles and Pastas Oats Rice Whole Wheat

Dairy: Butter Cheese Sour Cream Crème Fraiche Eggs Dairy Milk Mozzarella Yoghurt

Nuts: Walnuts Hazelnuts Almonds Peanuts Pecans Pistachios

Herbs and Spices: Basil Chilli Mint Oregano Salt Pepper Sesame Seed Cardamon Curry Ginger

Other Ingredients: Honey Oils Soda Soy Tabasco Tofu Yeast

Cuisines: Arab Balinese Berber Chinese Japanese Cambodian Indonesian Javanese Malaysian Penang Burmese Singaporean Thai Vietnamese Indian Italian Spanish Turkish Greek Moroccan Portuguese French Mexican Haute and Home Style

Dishes: Entrees Starters Mains Salads Sauces Soups Toppings Sides Deserts Canapes Hors d' Oeuvres

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La Tavola Della Famiglia by Olimpia Bortolotto

Melbourne’s very own matriarch of Italian cuisine, Olimpia Bortolotto of Cecconi’s Flinders Lane has worked in the food business since the early 70’s, creating a succession of modern Italian restaurants. Her recently published cookbook  – La Tavola Della Famiglia is brimming with heartwarming stories of family and mouthwatering recipes demonstrating that food…

STREAT + Cookbook Giveaway

STREAT, a social enterprise that provides young homeless and disengaged youth in Melbourne with hospitality training, officially opened a new café at Melbourne Central on Monday May 6th. To coincide with the opening of the café, STREAT have also launched a fabulous 160-page hardcover cookbook. It’s filled with delicious recipes from…


The much loved Italian institution Sarti has a new look and feel. With some decor changes and new head chef Paolo Masciopinto at the reins, Sarti’s fresh new seasonal menu boasts an inventive mix of both traditional and contemporary Italian food. We let Sarti feed us a selection of dishes,…

Tupperware Birthday Giveaway

To celebrate its birthday in May, Tupperware have given me two very special limited edition gift packs to give away to two lucky readers. Each pack includes a set of 1.5L cookie canisters, perfect for storing baked goodies and a petite set comprising multiple liquid tight mini containers in pretty…

Cook From The Book

I kicked off  the MFWF with a demonstration from Nick Bennet of Trocodero in Melbourne Central’s Little Library. The Little Library was launched in July 2012 as an interactive platform for visitors of the centre to come together and swap and share their pre-loved books. Such a cool idea. In…

Best of Blairgowrie & Beyond

Ruby’s first school year ended before we knew it and we decided to escape Melbourne for the school holidays. I managed to stay in most parts unplugged, with only the occasional glance at social media and emails on my i-pad. It was surprisingly difficult to peel myself away and fully…

five:am Organic Yoghurt

I use quite a bit of yoghurt in my cooking as an alternative to cream or butter to reduce the fat content. It is fantastic in curries, muffins, so many things and it is also pretty much a daily breakfast staple for me. If you haven’t tried five:am yoghurt yet, you should. They…

Monday Morning Cooking Club Cookbook Review

A little while back, I met a very lovely and inspirational lady named Lisa Goldberg. Lisa is part of the Monday Morning Cooking Club. By gathering up the best recipes from the best cooks in the extremely diverse Jewish community, Lisa and her talented team got together every Monday morning and cooked, tested,…

Tupperware Microwave Steamer

I have a microwave and apart from using it to melt butter and re-heat leftovers, I use it for little else. So, when I was sent Tupperware’s new MicroSteamer to try out, I was intrigued. Particularly, as the steamer has a inbuilt protective lining to protect whatever you are cooking…