Lamb Meatball Tagine Recipe

I put together this recipe for Gary’s Quality Meats this week using his fabulous lamb mince. Good quality lamb mince has a fatty content that naturally binds the meatballs together, eliminating the need for breadcrumbs and eggs which can dull the flavour of the dish. This dish is far from dull…

Lamb Saag Recipe

Over the next while I will be developing seasonal recipes using Plains Paddock delightful lamb and veal. As a lover of all things paddock to plate (excuse the pun) and farmer Anna Kelly’s product this is going to be nothing but a delight for me. As with most curries made from…

Tuna Tartare Recipe

This a very special recipe, taken from Olimpia Bortolotto of Cecconi’s Flinders Lane new cookbook – La Tavola Della Famiglia. Tuna is a fish IMHO (in my humble opinion),  that is best served raw. This fresh, spicy and delicious combination is a lighter nod to traditional tartare and would make…

Date & Oat Biscuit Recipe

These biscuits are a great lunch box treat and perfect for kids that don’t like visible dried fruit. The date puree combined with a little maple syrup naturally sweeten these delicious biscuits so with no processed sugar added, they are healthy too.