Turkey Chop Suey

This protein packed quick whip up is pretty tasty and the turkey really gives the dish a boost of extra flavour.

Turkey Chop Suey

Serves 4


3 tbs coconut or peanut oil
500g turkey mince (combination of breast and thigh)
1 heaped tsp Malaysian curry powder (I love the Parrot brand available at most Asian grocers)
1 brown onion halved and sliced thinly
4 cloves garlic, crushed
50g fresh ginger, grated
1/4 savoy cabbage, finely shredded
1.5  tbs oyster sauce (Panda brand)
100ml light soy sauce
150g snow peas, shredded finely
sesame seeds to garnish


Heat oil in large wok or frypan and sautè the turkey mince on a medium heat for 5 minutes or until golden brown, breaking up the meat with the wooden spoon whilst you’re at it.

Add the curry powder and stir. Add the brown onion, ginger and garlic. Stir fry until aromatic. Add the cabbage, oyster sauce, and soy sauce. Add the snow peas and stir fry for a few minutes until the vegetables are cooked but still have their crunch.

Serve it up with rice or noodles but I also love it on its own.