Black Sticky Rice Pudding

This yummy comforting dessert takes me back to Bali holidays where it happened to be especially good for breakfast topped with fresh seasonal fruit. You’ll need to start this recipe a day ahead.

Black Sticky Rice Pudding

Serves 4


1 cup black glutinous rice (available from Asian grocers)
1 pinch salt
3 tbs grated palm sugar (or to taste)
400ml full fat coconut milk (I love the Kara brand)
Assorted fruit and shredded coconut to serve


You’ll need to start this dish a day ahead.

Rinse the rice really well until the water starts to run clear. Drain the rice and place it into a bowl and cover with cold water and leave overnight.

Drain the rice and transfer to a heavy based saucepan. Cover with water, add the salt and bring to boil. Reduce heat, cover with lid and simmer gently for 30-40 minutes or until the rice tender. NB you may need top up water if absorbed too quickly.

Stir through palm sugar and continue to simmer until sugar has completed melted. Turn off heat and cool the rice to room temperature.

Spoon over the coconut cream, top with seasonal fruit and scatter with the coconut.